Scoville-Meno TCGA Scholarship Info

Congratulations to the 2020 Scoville-Meno TCGA Scholarship recipient, Samuel Taylor!

We had a number of great candidates apply for the 2020 Scoville-Meno TCGA Scholarship award this year! Samuel Taylor, an outstanding young student and golfer, is this year’s award recipient.

A little bit about Samuel:

High School: Tioga Central

Home Course(s): Tioga Country Club and Shepard Hills Golf Club

Parents: Judith and Robert Taylor

College: Methodist University, Fayetteville, NC

Major: Professional Golf Management

Future Plans after graduation: Hopes to be a PGA Professional at a golf club in the South

Hobbies: Basketball and spending time with friends

Favorite Golf Memory: Playing in the final round along Evan Sitts and Hogan Bendert in the 2020 TCGA Amateur

Samuel would also like to include a huge thank you to Steve Scoville for sponsoring the scholarship, and the TCGA for selecting him to receive this scholarship. He also said, “It is such an honor to represent the TCGA and Scoville-Meno.”


2020 Scoville-Meno TCGA Scholarship Form

Dear Junior Golfer and Incoming First-Year College Student:

The Triple Cities Golf Association is offering one (1) scholarship of $500 for this year thanks to the generosity of the Scoville-Meno Family of Dealerships.  The scholarship will be awarded according to NCAA Bylaw 15.2.5 and Bylaw  Both bylaws deal with eligibility and financial aid from an outside source.

The specific TCGA requirements are as follows:

  1. Demonstrates a keen interest in golf through active participation as a player and/or contributor to the game.
  2. Has been accepted to a degree-granting college/university.
  3. Has achieved a satisfactory grade point average.
  4. Must provide a written character recommendation from a golf coach, PGA Professional or owner/manager of a TCGA member club.
  5. Must provide a description of golf achievement signed by a golf coach, PGA Professional or owner/manager of a TCGA member club.

The scholarship committee maintains the discretion of recommending scholarships to the Board of Directors not necessarily based upon all of the above qualifications.