Junior Tour Information

Age Divisions: 

  • 10-12 years old (9 holes)
  • 13-18 years old (18 holes)

*When registering please indicate the age of the golfer*


  • Please call the host golf course directly to register for each tournament individually. 
  • Courses will starting taking registration two weeks before the day of the tournament.

Double Par Rule: 

All participants will take a score no higher than double the par on a given hole.  For example, if the hole is a par 4 the golfer cannot take a score higher than 8.  If a golfer is on his/her 8th shot he/she simply will pick up their ball and help the other participants finish the hole. This is to speed up pace of play.


Trophies will be awarded to the winners of each division in each event.

Player of the Year points:

Players will earn Player of the Year (POY) points based on their finish in each tournament.  Points will be totaled and used to determine who will be eligible to participate in the TCGA Junior Championship. 

Tournament committee will be involved in the selection of this field if not enough players qualify. 

Tee Times:

Tee Times will be posted on the TCGA website, Twitter, and Facebook sometime during the week prior to the tournament.  Please make sure you are aware of your tee time and arrive at the course 30 minutes prior to it.

For Questions or Additional Information: 

Contact Matt Morley at matthewjamesmorley@gmail.com