2022 TCGA Annual Letter from the President

Kyle Nedlik
TCGA President
March 23, 2022

TCGA Golfers,

We hope everyone has had a happy and healthy winter season as we make our way into Spring and the 2022 golf season. We wanted to take a moment to share with you the updates we were able to implement last year at the TCGA, along with a glimpse of our path forward this season and beyond.

2022 brings a few updates to our Board of Directors. I, Kyle Nedlik, will continue my term as TCGA President. Matt Congdon will be moving out of his role as Vice President – we would like to thank him for his countless years of service to the TCGA. Nick Barney will continue his role as Web Administrator, and move into the Vice President position. Evan Sitts is joining the board and will be filling in as Secretary. Jeff L’Amoreaux will continue in his role as Treasurer. Matt Morley will continue in his role as Junior Tour Coordinator, and will continue to work alongside Rob Mabee, Junior Tour Administrator. Hugh Leonard and Jim Blodgett will continue in their roles as TCGA Senior Tour Coordinators. Michael Deuel of En-Joie Golf Club will continue as the TCGA’s PGA Advisor.

In 2021, the TCGA was able to use the opportunity presented by the recent growth of the game of golf to expand the quality, quantity, and reach of our local events, through implementing updates and enhancements. Some updates/enhancements that were made, as well as plans for 2022, include:

  • Modernization of TCGA logo, and creation of logos for TCGA Junior and Senior Tours
  • Reinstatement of the TCGA Senior Tour (50+) (3 tournament series in 2021, 4-5 tournaments planned for 2022)
  • Growth of open division schedule (9-10 tournaments, multiple formats, increased prize pools, additional events/updates to events based on member feedback in 2022)
  • Development of sponsorship outreach materials, securing of 5 sponsorships in 2021, increased sponsor interest
  • “Player of the Year” competition enhancement (Remlik’s sponsorship, Top 10 receive $1000 in gift cards, continuing for 2022 season, points system revamped on website)
  • TCGA Amateur Championship enhancement (use of Golfgenius for live/online scoring and skins payouts, customized scorecards, increased prize pool through Harding Brooks Insurance sponsorship, increased media coverage)
  • Creation of TCGA Twitter and Instagram account, and update of TCGA Facebook and TCGA website to increase exposure, content, and contestant engagement
  • Development of membership feedback survey, sent to membership in Fall of 2021 for use in ongoing/future program implementation

We continue our investment in sponsorship outreach to assist in building funds to help bolster and expand the TCGA’s current and future programming. Thank you to our renewing sponsors to date, Harding Brooks InsuranceScoville-Meno Family of DealershipsRemliks, and Ad Elements, for your continued support into the 2022 season. Other businesses interested in sponsoring, please reach out to [email protected] – we would welcome discussion on how our organizations could best partner.

Website updates are being implemented continuously, as we strive to improve the functionality and look of our user interfaces for contestants moving forward. Our Instagram and Twitter pages, along with our growing Facebook group page (be sure to follow them!) will continue to be used to further distribute content and information, and promote events throughout the season for contestants. 2022 Season schedules for all tours are planned to be released the first week of April.

We welcome feedback and suggestions any contestants or courses may have as we continue to strive to improve our events and programs for the season ahead. We look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve our area courses and contestants this upcoming season. See you on the course!


Kyle Nedlik – President